mtop/mkill – MySQL Monitoring Tools

March 15, 2006

mtop can be used like top in Unix. Download from HERE first.

Must start mysql with mtop user and passwd:
mysql --dbuser=monitor --password=n0tell


Monitoring Web Traffic in Real Time with httptop

March 15, 2006

See who’s hitting your web server the hardest up to the second with httptop a Perl script from O’Reilley at

ntop Quickstart Guide

March 15, 2006

To get ntop real-time network statsitics – Do the following as root:

groupadd ntop
useradd -c "ntop user" -d /usr/local/etc/ntop -s /bin/true -g ntop ntop
mkdir /usr/local/etc/ntop
(unpack and build ntop as per directions)
ntop -A -u ntop -P /usr/local/etc/ntop
ntop -u ntop -P /usr/local/etc/ntop -W4242 -d

Access it via port 3000 in your browser.